Have questions about your upcoming evening with us at The Piano Bar? Maybe we can answer some for you right now.  

Do you serve food?  

Not right now. You may bring your own food if you like. We NEVER allow outside liquids/drinks/beverages/water bottles inside the club.  

Is there a cover charge?  


I had booked a VIP package or made some other event through The Big Bang Columbus, is this still valid?

No. Until you have reached out to us, it will not be valid. You can reach us at tpbcolumbus@gmail.com

How do reservations work?  

We do not offer staggered reservations. You can only make a reservation by going to the reservations portion of our website. Reservations only guarantee a seat up until 7:30pm (on the dot) on the date you wish to make your reservation. Those reservations are pulled at 7:30pm. We do not make adjustments if you’re arriving later than expected nor do we make exceptions for later reservations. Calling or emailing will not result in any change to this policy.  

I’m running late, but I have a reservation. Can you hold my table?  

No. We always allow walk-ups and have standing room, so you will usually be able to get in, but you may not have preferred seating until a table opens up.  

I made a reservation, but haven’t received a confirmation...do I have a reservation?  

No. Please be sure to check your junk folders. If you do not receive a confirmation, you do not have a reservation. You’ll also want to double check the date on your reservation and make sure you provided a valid email address. Also allow up to 72 hours for a response.  

I received a message saying my reservation was canceled. What now?  

Because reservations merely reserve you a seat at no charge up until 7:30pm, we reserve the right to cancel any reservation at any time. This is usually due to a private party booking. It’s best to check our Facebook page to see if we will be open at any time during that evening. Often, we will simply delay the time we open the doors to the public. When we have a private party early in the night, we do not take reservations or schedule later reservations. Seating is on a first come, first serve basis. If you receive a notice your reservation has been canceled, you will want to check to see if we will be open to the public at all and then your best bet is to be as early as possible to get a seat.  

I think I left an item at The Piano Bar. How do I get it?  

Our first recommendation is to visit the bar to see if we have your items. We do not always have time to go searching for items as fast as you may need it. 

What times are you open?  

7pm-2am Thursday-Saturday. Sometimes we will add extra hours for special events. Please check our Facebook page for up to date information.  

What time does the show start?  

Shows start at 8pm, but start times are subject to change.  

Where are you located?  

1516 N. High Street, Columbus, OH 

Where can I park? 

There are several parking decks in the Entertainment district as well as along the street. You do have to pay for most parking during our open hours.  

How can I request a song?  

Every table will have request slips available along with pencils. Simply fill it out and place it on the piano. Alternatively, you find information about how to use Venmo to send us requests.  

I requested a song, but I didn’t get played. Why?  

Our performers get hundreds of requests throughout the evening. We may not have time to get to them all. We hope that you enjoy all of the songs and performances we were able to provide during your visit.    

Do I have to tip to get my song played?

No. Gratuities given to the performers are considered gratuity showing you appreciation for the entire performance and not based on one song. Nevertheless, showing a little extra love might get you extra attention.